Persuasive Essay On Government Surveillance

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It is the year 2040 and drones fly around observing people everywhere. Being watched is normal; the people have no concept of privacy. Government surveillance is when the government constantly watches over a person, group, place, or ongoing activity to gather information. This process violates the Fourth Amendment and calls into question national security and the ethics of our government. While some may say that government surveillance is useful, the violation of privacy outweighs the benefits.
Government surveillance relies heavily on the use of technology. In today’s society, parents use Find my iPhone to learn where their children are; friends use SnapMap on Snapchat to see where their other friends are. The question is though “Does government surveillance violate a person’s privacy?” The whole debate over privacy and government surveillance started in 2008 with the FISA Amendment Act, which expanded the government’s authority to monitor American’s electronic communication (Domestic Surveillance). The Domestic Surveillance article starts with “the law authorized surveillance of foreign nationals outside the United States—not of Americans—and that it included robust safeguards to protect Americans' privacy,” but later goes on to say, “Despite government officials' claims to the contrary, the NSA is building a growing database of Americans' international telephone calls and emails” (Domestic Surveillance). This act shows that anytime an American citizen makes an
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