Persuasive Essay On Government Surveillance

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Government surveillance is Getting watched by the government can be safe and can be quiet helpful in some cases such as, when a crime is committed by a criminal they can use cameras to record what happened and they can use that against the criminal.
Home Surveillance: Major companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple are using smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon echo, to capture and collect everything that you are saying in your household. Trevor Timm the chief editor for (The Guardian) “ the government just admitted it will use smart home devices for spying.” The National Security Agency or the NSA collects all the telephone messages, and even our Internet records and stores them. Surveillance should be have height to
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(The Atlantic) appeals “The United States had a group that was part of the NSA who are incharge for stopping computer hackers.” The NSA or the National Security Agency is a government based organization that watches the people so they stay safe. On the other hand people in the first place shouldn't be hiding stuff from the government so they should be ok with that. Ever since 9/11 the government is going all out to protect from something like that to ever happen again. “ In a survey vast majority of people have heard about surveillance programs to collect information about telephone calls, emails, and other online communications as part of the government's efforts to monitor terrorist activity.” Claims (Pew Research Center). With surveillance that high we don’t have to worry about any plans that can or could cause damage to the United States. According to (Pew Research Center) “ 39% of Americans say they were very concerned about government monitoring on search engines and 38% say that they were very concerned about the government monitoring their activity on their emails.” This can be said that government surveillance can help and protect us from various aspects from attacks and hackers and even small viruses that can steal all of our personal
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