Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Imagine you are a little boy, no older than the young age of six, entering school. The first day arrives, however conflicting feelings - from excitement to anxiety - emerge. Suddenly, a harsh metallic booming sound erupts, and within a mere sliver of time, you lay dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Unfortunately, this scenario is not merely hypothetical. Scores of innocent individuals are routinely massacred, killed by the mentally ill with legally bought guns: guns made for war, guns made to maximize death and horror. An increase in gun restrictions are essential in ending this gun violence epidemic plaguing the nation.
Above all else, properly enforced background checks are necessary to prevent future mass shootings. Without them, the mentally ill and violent criminals are able to acquire guns, needlessly endangering innocent lives . Preventing this would be simple, as all necessary data is readily available. The saddening fact is many “hundreds of fingerprints and final case reports held by the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps were] not passed to the FBI's criminal history database. The branches had a compliance rate of about 70 percent” (Cohen). This level of frank disregard for safety, particularly concerning human life, is nothing short of abhorrent. How are 30% of criminal records not transferred to the FBI’s criminal history database - in the most developed country in the world no less? Lamentably, these fundamental flaws translate to real-life consequences. Such as in the case of the mass shooter, Kelley, “who killed 25 people and an unborn child at a Texas church,” where the Air force secretary in charge of the investigation claims “she was not aware of past problems relating to sharing criminal data”(Cohen). Due to the complacency of government officials, this unborn baby will never see the light of day. Scores of families wallow in utter devastation, but the killings continue unabated. Many pro-gun advocates respond to this by claiming that in mass shootings like these, simply arming victims would lead to reduced deaths. However, Richard Martinez, a man who “grew up around guns” and “later served as a military police officer in the US Army” tells a different story (Kindy). He tells a story of

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