Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Throughout the 20th and 21st century, the value of gun control has changed drastically and how the nation has handled this situation. In the United States, around 22% of Americans have at least one or more guns in their possession for recreationally or personal use. Recently, there has been debate over gun control in the country. While many people think there should not be any more government involvement, more gun control laws would greatly benefit the United States by having less crime, less mass murder, and protect people from the mentally ill. Reducing the ability to access a gun in the United States would effectively lower the death rate in the nation as well as lower the crime rate. There are some people who live in the United States that are mentally ill or psychotic. These people could also be sociopaths or psychopaths. When these types of people get a hold of guns, they can cause harm to others. There are others that use guns to kill themselves because of their mental health problems. Improved background checks could help to prevent the mentally ill from getting a hold from weapons. This procedure could save multiple lives just by checking with the Federal Bureau of Investigation if they had a criminally past. Another idea that would decrease the easy ability to get a firearm would be to stop all gun shows and private vendings or at least have these shows be more regulated. America’s history with murders, suicides, and possible accidental deaths caused by guns

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