Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Throughout the years, gun violence in the United States has increased rapidly. Uncontrollable use of firearms have lead to many mass shootings in the United States and elsewhere. Police brutality is becoming a common event and gun related deaths and suicide are occurring frequently, there is basically no gun control in the United States. But former President of the United States, Barack Obama, thinks that the ‘Smart Gun’ is the key to gun control in America. The smart gun is a gun that can only be fired when the owner of the gun triggers the fingerprint sensor installed on the device. Most shooters use someone else’s gun to commit their crime, and that’s the goal the smart gun is trying to achieve, to make sure that the gun can only be fired by its owner. The controversy over the smart gun is understood as a disagreement about whether the smart gun will reduce the gun violence in the United States. Some people argue that the smart gun is unreliable and won’t do anything to control gun violence; however, others believe that even with smart guns, the owners can easily use their weapon for murder. Another view that some people believe that the smart gun will help control gun violence because of the fingerprint sensors. The stakeholders are journalists of different magazines debating about the smart gun. The main question that the journalists/stakeholders are trying to answer is, “Will smart guns control the gun violence in the United States.”
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