Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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As Americans are proud to be reside in the “land of the free,” our nation is noted to have pride of being able to own and carry a firearm. The right for Americans to bear arms is protected under the second amendment of the United States Constitution. However, this privilege has been taken advantaged of in the recent years. Unfortunately, more than 31,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds(1). Americans wake up to devastating news in relation to gun violence on their tv screen more frequently than before. Even when the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there is still so many casualties in relation to gun violence(2). These unfortunate deaths raise the question of whether Americans should be restricted from owning firearms. In the United States, the right to own a gun should not be banned and abolished, but be looked into carefully to decrease the mortality rate by guns. Debating on the issue of gun control is not an easy one especially when many gun advocates in America today hold the right deep-rooted in their hearts. According to some sources, having a stricter gun control may inhibit the likelihood of mass murders to occur(14). Based on a study conducted by researcher John Lott, mass shooter James Holmes did not chose a theatre close to his home, but one that banned concealed weapons(14). Within the past sixty years, many of the public mass shootings took place where people are banned from carrying weapons (14). Also, some of those that oppose gun control feel the need to own a gun for personal defense purposes. There is a study going on in the field of criminology that surveyed prisoners to determine if a threat of a firearm can change a criminal’s decision on committing a crime. About 40 percent of the prisoners showed on the survey that they changed their mind on committing the crime because the victim was carrying a gun(5). Even when there is a supposedly set system to regulate guns, there is still a big problem with the current policy. About 30 to 40 percent of all gun transfers are not transferred through licensed dealers in the United States(3). These transferred guns are typically the guns used to perform gun violence(3). This unsupervised trade between unlicensed

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