Persuasive Essay On Gun Control Laws

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Guns have many uses in the United States, for example, they are using guns to protect civilians in the law enforcement department, they can also be used to protect a property or even for self-defense in a life-death situation. They are so needed that even the constitution states it on the 2nd amendment. However, due to many mass massacres in the last decades, especially taking account the mass shooting in California and Texas in the last 2 months, many opinions have lead the gun regulation into a controversy. However, something that must be considered into account in this debate is the political system the United States enforce, which is Federalism, and many would think, what has to be this with the gun regulation? The answer is that Federalism allows every state to enforce different laws in their jurisdiction as long it does not cause any conflict with the constitution. One example, could be the gun regulation itself because all states follow the permission to use guns, but they change the way they can obtain one. For these reasons, the main objective of this essay will be to analyze the different regulations in California, one of the states with most regulations when it comes to guns, and Arizona, one of the states with the less regulated gun usage. The main categories that will be examined are the types of restrictions and people who can and cannot own or carry a gun, their requirements that they demand in order to have or use a gun and finally, their rules that they have
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