Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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“The boundaries of the Second Amendment do not coincide with the boundaries of gun control” (Blocher and Miller, 2016, p.296). Guns and the idea of gun control have been a high valued topic, between the Federal Government and state governments since the beginning of the 20th century. How strictly guns should be regulated is a common topic between the Federal Government and state governments, especially with the increase in mass shootings over the years. Although there are regulations set by the Federal Government, most of the time, it falls on state governments to mandate guns because it is easier for each state to determine what is best for it and the people that live there. State governments are more closely related to the people in…show more content…
The tenth amendment gives all powers that are not explicitly listed as the powers of the Federal Government, to the states and to the people. Under this amendment, states have the access the make, appeal, and rewrite laws as long as they do not contradict federal laws or the rights given to the people by the constitution. The rights given to the states, under the tenth amendment, is the reason that there has been a lot more gun control, regulation decisions, and laws made at the state level rather than a federal level. States have a tendency to create more laws and regulations on gun control because it is a problem that more closely relates to the state itself and the regulations needed depends on each state independently. Some states have a population that agrees with more strict gun regulations and other states agree on more loose gun regulations. This variation from state to state has a tendency to create the migration of guns over state borders. “States with strict gun regulations tend to import more guns while states with lax gun policies tend to export more gun” (Lee, 2015, p.141). While guns are illegally migrating across state borders to supply the people in states with more strict gun regulations with guns, there is also a flocculation in the economies of the state’s due to supply and demand. The people in the states with more strict gun policies are willing to pay more for a gun because there is a lower supply of them, causing them to give

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