Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Guns have played a major role in America from the American Revolution, to the constitution and the “right to bear arms,” and in recent years the political debate over gun control and mass shootings. The strong feelings on either side of the gun control debated are tied to how Americans view guns. Guns are symbols and can stand for many different things, and what guns symbolize is particularly important to many pro-gun advocates.
According to the articles, for many Americans guns symbolize freedom, safety, and power, and for those who are pro-guns it can come with a sense of belonging. Because of this, many pro-gun advocates are more active in opposing gun control legislation. The sense of belonging and encouragement from large organizations like the NRA is motivating. Even more motivating is what guns symbolize to pro-gun advocates, the meanings of freedom, safety, and power placed on guns gives them a sense of purpose and something to stand for. All this makes for a passionate pro-gun culture in the US.
Personally, a gun can symbolize three things to me, safety, death, or power. I can see how others could view a gun as a symbol of freedom, but personally if I want to express my freedom I can think of better ways things than owning a gun. The fact that gun can signify both safety and death to me may be strange, but in the case, that I am at a complete disadvantage against another person then I think anyone would hope for a gun, and whether you intend to shoot or not, just having a gun gives you power over a person who doesn’t have one. That power that you get from having a gun could ensure your safety. But a gun symbolizes death to me more than it does safety, which is why I’ll probably never own one or have one in my home. Living in a home with 3 young kids and coming from a large family filled with young children, I could never fully feel comfortable with a gun in my home around children, even if it was in a safe. I’ve seen the news stories where young kids have shot their own siblings with a gun, and I think nothing beats the curiosity and the ingenuity of a child. I know how determined and persistent they can be, since my parents attempted to hide Halloween candy from us every year, and yet the second they

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