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Gun control is the set of laws and policies a country puts in place to regulate the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, or use of firearms by civilians. Most countries will restrict the use of firearms with the exemption of those who get a permit. In is estimated that there are about 650 million civilians with guns. The United States civilians account for 270 million of theses guns. That is almost half the worlds guns in one country. At most illegal ownership of guns accounts for 1.4 percent of the total. In most countries holding a firearm is considered a privelidge, in the united states it is considered a right.

In Australia there were many shootings from 1984 to 1996 that sparked the Gun Reforms in the decades to come. The
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During 1996 the new prime minister John Howard of Australia introduced gun restrictions in response to a national crisis that occurred. On April 28th 1996 a twenty eight year-old man named Martin Bryant traveled to the coast off of Tasmania with an AR-15 and an FN Fal. It was here that he took the lives of 35 and injured 22. This was the greatest massacre in Australian history committed by an individual. The public was outraged and demanded that something be done. Within twelve weeks gun legislation was introduced that changed the political landscape of gun ownership in the country.

Howard convinced the states to adopt the National Firearms Agreement. While two of the more conservative states were hesitant, they agreed that this was the direction the country was headed. The statute bans all fully automatic guns, semi automatic guns, self loading weapons, pump action shotguns, and handguns. It makes it so that to obtain these weapons there is a tight licensing process. One could not obtain a gun claiming that they wanted it for self defensive purposes. The permits allotted guns for those who would use them for sport, hunting, and collecting. After this there was a mandatory buyback system in which the Australian government destroyed around 600,000 guns. Buying the guns at market value using money from a levy on income tax, Australia was able to get rid of over half their guns in two years.

In the fifteen years before the law was

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