Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In the last decade of available data, 1,178 Washington residents were murdered with guns, and an additional 4,449 died in firearm suicides or accidents. Half of the suicides in the state were committed with guns. Gun control is something that many people with guns do not have. By not following the rules, people can easily get hurt and it allows the owners to use them safely. By implementing Initiative 594 and 591, it will require all gun sales to have background checks on the buyers to prevent felons and criminals getting a hold of a weapon. But what happens when guns are privately traded and sold with no document on who has it? This is why gun safety needs to be taught to people who have or want to own a gun.
To begin with, there are many people with guns in Washington state, up North in Seattle police had taken tons of guns with all of them having a connection to a crime.“Seattle police officers have taken into their evidence lockers 2,657 firearms since January 2012. Guns play a significant role in many crimes against persons in Seattle: 69% of homicides, 17% of robbery incidents and 8% of aggravated assaults between January 2012 and May 2015.” In Seattle alone, they have taken over 2600+ guns. In Washington, over 540,000 people have a concealed weapon permit with 340,000 going through the NIC( National Instant Criminal Background Check System) over a 3 month period. Why was there such a big hit in a 3 month period. Even if they all went through a background check,
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