Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control.
What is a huge way to decrease deaths in America? To decrease death in America people need to be aware of situations that are happening and put a stop to them. The death rate due to weapons has increased without the control of guns. To stop these conflicts a few changes must be made. Multiple tests should be required to purchase or carry a firearm. People should be asked to see their license if they are seen with a gun, and sellers need to pass the required certifications to sell guns. All across America, guns have been a major conflict because of accidental and intentional deaths. If people want to limit the use of illegal gun trade and crimes, they need to increase background checks on everyone and crack down on gun safety.
Many people are injured and even killed everyday because of the misuse of firearms. Over the past few years the number of injuries and deaths have increased rapidly due to the large number of guns on the streets. 64% of households confess that they are threatened by a gun which could possibly take their life (“Smart Gun Laws”). The percent of children killing their parents with a firearm has increased 3.3% over a 28 year period (“Smart Gun Laws”). The presence of guns in the home have increased an individual's risk of death by homicide by 90% (“Smart Gun Laws”). Homicide by a gun is ranked 2nd in deaths by 15-24 year olds (“Smart Gun Laws”). By having a gun in the a household with children, the odds of

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