Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Controversy has raised in the late, as many activist attempt to push policies that would “regulate” gun use. Many stand with it, yet many others oppose such policies from being implemented, as they are seen as restrictions to their rights. Filmmaker, Michael Moore, has made such a proposal that would regulate gun use in the United States, rendering the second amendment obsolete. However modest it may seem, this so called 28th amendment infringes the individual's right to bear arms, a right that has been in place for over two hundred years. Such a scheme threatens the rights of many constitutional carry states, like that of the state of Arizona. The right to keep arms in the safety of one's house has alway fallen under the protection of the 2nd amendment, as it gives the “militia” easy access. Yet, the proposed 28th amendment means to dismantle the militias easy access to firearms. Michael Moores addresses that firearms should be stored in “licensed gun club or government-regulated gun storage facility,” only to be used “in times of need.” These times of need possibly being during local emergences such as floods or fires, which are events that would usually not require firearms. This infringes the 2nd amendment's right to keep arms, as one would have to have a gun out of arm's reach in a secure facility and would only allow the national guard to carry weapons in this “time of need.” This amendment requires people (national guard) to drive to the storage room in order to
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