Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Firearms were adopted into the United States Constitution in 1791 alongside the Second Amendment providing the People with the right to bear arms freely. Firearms have been utilized for more than just self-defense for a considerable amount of time. They have contributed to our country’s history, revolutionary ancestry, and Pacific settlement, all of which are renowned pieces of events that have helped build our great nation. However, The Founding Fathers implemented this right without having possibly foreseen what vast freedom of machinery could consequently result in.
According to Jeffrey Swanson, A professor at the Duke University of Medicine, “every day in the United States more than 230 people are injured by gunfire, and ninety of them die” (1). Recently our society has seen the use of guns grow from leisure enthusiasts, such as hunting, target shooting, and sport, to individual driven genocides from those we may never understand. The use of firearms has become one of the most common weapons used in mass murders in the United States. Firearms have become a sensitive yet trending topic of conversation amongst the press, blogs, and social media outlets, due to the abundance of shootings taking place. Furthermore, this has led to questioning whether or not more restrictions should be implemented in the purchasing of firearms.
The biggest challenge this issue brings to society, according to gun enthusiasts, is the infringement of peoples Second Amendment right to bear

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