Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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As we all know gun violence has become an increasingly conflicted issue in the world and specifically in the United States. Gun violence is the leading cause of premature death in the United States as it kills almost 30,000 people and causes about 60,000 injuries annually. But guns are not the main cause of this problem. The problem is America's culture of violence. We need to understand that guns are not what’s killing people, people are what’s killing people. Although guns may enable killers to commit an act of violence more easily and effectively, stricter laws on guns would not necessarily dismantle the problem. Currently, guns are just a symptom to the real problem, which is our violent human nature. For decades, we have been dousing…show more content…
That being said, the biggest issue within the parent-child relationship in regards to violence is the “normalizing of isolation”. This term addresses parents ignorance towards their child’s actions. For the betterment of society, all parents need to gain a better understanding of their child’s development in order to detect any red flags that may persist within their youth. These red flags are anything that could lead the parent to believe that their child is leading down the path of being antisocial, because there has been a strong correlation in that many mass shooters in the past have suffered from being antisocial. If a child does not develop a strong and social relationship with their parents it can eventually lead them to having a tougher time responding to certain circumstances they will eventually face when they grow older, as they will be obligated to make decisions for themselves. “The mother's strong affectionate attachment to her child is the child's best buffer against a life of crime.” (Fagan). Obviously, it is difficult to recognize or predict which people will commit an act of mass violence in the future, but there are definitely many ways parents could prevent their children from potentially being the ones to do so.

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