Persuasive Essay On Guns

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My mom always told me that guns and shooting are dangerous all my life. I never shot a gun in my life until the twentieth of May in the year of 2017 at Golden Eagle Battlefield. It was not a real gun that could kill someone, but it was an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns are duplicates of actual guns, but instead of shooting bullets they fired tiny round pellets which are painful when you’re hit by one. These guns are used in competitive team games where shooting each other to win is the objective, and that is exactly what I participated in that day. Everyone only lives once so I might as well take risks in the one life I live, and this was one of those risks.

The event was chosen by a school club that I was a part of at the time called Young Men to Knights to be our end of the year banquet. There were some people happy about this event, and there were also people disappointed that this event was our banquet. Many people that played airsoft before said that it hurts which made me start thinking of not going. They said, “you’re going to have a lot of bruises and that you’re going to regret going.” On the other hand, my friend Jake told me “bro it doesn’t hurt they’re just little babies.” Since Jake was my close friend, I listened to him more than anybody, so I made up my mind and decided that I’d go to the event. He gave me some tips the day before the event, so I wouldn’t get hurt terribly such as wearing extra layers of clothes and staying near him because he has done this several times before.
Eventually, the day came, and I started to feel nervous and scared because I was thinking of what my other friends were saying. I was so nervous that before I went to the battlefield, I was looking up YouTube videos for first-time airsoft players. The ride to Sugarloaf Mall where Golden Eagle Battlefield is located was nice and relaxing until my dad missed the exit he was supposed to enter. Luckily, we had a GPS that rerouted us. I made it there early, surprisingly. Once I got there, I had to fill out a couple of forms. We had to wait on many other kids to come which took about twenty minutes. Finally, everyone scheduled to arrive entered the room and the man who worked there asked: “How many of you never played airsoft

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