Persuasive Essay On Hacking Your Education

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When facing a life decision one may be hesitant about their decision. One may look to see what others are doing, or what their family or friends may say about the decision. As a reader, you may have been in this situation when trying to decide if you should go to college, find a job right out of high school or got to trade school. From a young age, most are told that college is a necessary thing to get a good job and live a good life, but is this true? Can you get a good paying job right out of high school and still be successful?
When looking at very wealthy men like Bill Gates or Michael Dell something that these two men have in common is that they both do not have a college degree. Renee Montagne, a reporter for National Public Radio, explains this in an interview with Dale Stephens, the founder of and the author of “Hacking Your Education”. Stephens explains to Montagne that although college is a good thing it is one thing that is very expensive. Why not try and self-learn? Stephen explains how his own experience of only going to school until he was 12. From 6th grade up to 12th Stephen homeschooled himself. Stephen described homeschooling as being able to learn the material at a pace that worked for him. In “Hacking Your Education” Stephen includes that every student learns differently. Whether it is a different pace or if someone is a visual learner. No one is the same and that is very true when it comes to learning as well. Stephen states that he was
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