Persuasive Essay On Hairstyles

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At the moment I ask myself, why are these schools dictating these kids hairstyles? Why can’t a boy dye his hair pink or have his hair over his collar, there is no real reason for this. You should not be able to dictate these different hairstyles for the exact reason that we have our amendments and laws that give us the freedom we rightly deserve. Also, there are some boys who might have their hair long and you call that a violation, there is nothing wrong with a boy having his hair long. You, judging someone with long hair is like judging someone with curly hair, they both are just natural hairstyles. You, school officials should not be able to dictate these normal hairstyles. We have our rightly given amendments like the first which gives…show more content…
Students are crossing the line with these crazy hairstyles. Students can do so many different things in order to represent culture or a cause. Different and unusual things are meant to be judged, they serve no us. Different hairstyles don’t benefit the world at all. Then again what if they want to represent it by hairstyles, you can’t say no. From what I know, a lot of monks have gone bald, that’s just how it works whether you like it or not. Students have their own freedom and they can use it how they want. Some hairstyles can be of some use because they might get a point across like the point of breast cancer, a boy dyed his hair pink in order to support breast cancer, this way more people will say that and maybe follow him. In conclusion, different hairstyles should not be dictated by school officials. We have our rights and amendments to allow us to have these hairstyles. Culture and religion might also decide what you wear and what you do, by telling them no you might be stepping on their culture. Different hairstyles shouldn’t be judged just like a lot of things in the
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