Persuasive Essay On Health Care

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Marietta Wright, an eighty-year-old woman, had a long and heart-breaking experience with Health Care system. Ms. Wright was due for surgery for what was thought to be a spinal compression fracture. Two days before her surgery an MRI showed that her spine was completely covered by cancer. The surgery was not canceled to address her new-found cancer, so it when on as planned. The operation for something that did not even exist weakened Marrietta
Wright's physical and mental health. Leaving her and her family in despair. As Marietta's conditions worsened a mistake was made and she was given the wrong dosage of antidepressants. Sending Ms. Wright's mental health over the edge. This is why it is critical that we reform Health Care so that no more families have to go through the pain that Marietta
Wright's family when through. When pursuing a career in nursing Health Care is the biggest issue in the industry, the quality is not of high standards, and it is far too costly, yet if we can lower the cost, and raise quality we will make Health Care a well-oiled machine and this issue in the nursing industry will disappear.
Because Republican's were unable to pass their new bills they were unable to change how
Health Care is run, but if they had been able to pass their bill we may have been even worse off.
Without any form of Health Care American's would not be able to afford their medical bills. It is
believed that if health care disappears about eighteen million people

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