Persuasive Essay On Health Care

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Healthcare That Cares I want you to imagine that someone very close to you has recently been diagnosed with a serious medical illness. You are left in a panic and want to do everything possible in order to insure their safety, but then you realize that they are not covered. They weren’t able to get the healthcare that they needed to save their life, so you were left there helpless. You were forced to watch them suffer because they were unable to pay for the very simple treatment that they needed because of their healthcare, and that was what decided their fate. Now I want you to imagine what it feels like if because of their unfortunate healthcare, they were not able to recover and died. You would feel devastated that you couldn’t have done more to help your loved one, but then it dawns on you. You could have saved them. If only they were able to get the same treatment as someone who was able to afford better healthcare, then they would still be alive. Their life was sacrificed simply because they were seen as an opportunity to make money, rather than a person who needed help. Healthcare in America should be changed because universal healthcare is proven to be more effective, more lives will be saved, it is constantly receiving warranted attention from the media, and it gets rid of social classes in healthcare, even though many people believe that they will be paying for other people’s healthcare. The current healthcare system America has is Obamacare, otherwise called the

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