Persuasive Essay On Healthy Food

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Healthy food should be accessible to everyone. If healthy food isn’t available for everyone all it’s going to do is cause more and more health problems. If we made healthy organic food the same price as cheap unhealthy food there would be a big difference in the health of our country. It’s completely unfair to make healthy food too expensive for other people to buy, which causes them to buy cheap unhealthy food, like off a dollar menu at a fast food restaurant. This issue needs to be put to an end. In Robert Kenner’s film Food Inc. this topic is addressed. It says in the movie that low income families have no other choice but to buy cheap fast food. These families rarely get the chance to buy good, healthy, organic food because it’s too…show more content…
That’s quite a few problems for one country and that is not even all of them. If this doesn’t make you question our eating habits in the U.S. not sure what will because this is obviously a problem that needs to be fixed. Some reasons why healthy food needs to be available to everyone is because of all of the health problems we have already in the United States. Another reason would be how the only thing families can afford is cheap fast food, prices needs to be changed for healthy food so people don’t experience health problems from eating too much unhealthy food. These are two main reasons why this is an issue in our country. If we lower the prices for healthy foods then we would see a big change in the health of our country. We already have too many health problems in the United States because of unhealthy, cheap food from fast food restaurants. A long time ago there was never this many cases of obesity, and diabetes because there wasn’t that many fast food restaurants and one dollar menus. When these showed up everybody went to them because it was cheaper than healthy organic food. If healthy food was priced as low as the dollar menu at McDonalds then there would be drastic changes in our countries health, and eating habits. Prices really need to be changed for healthy food because fast food is the only thing some families can afford now of days. According to the film Food Inc. low
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