Persuasive Essay On Healthy Food

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You might want to grab something healthier the next time you get hungry when you are at work. In fact, l would suggest that you carry your mid-day snacks to work with you.
Packed lunches/snacks are considered appropriate only for school going children, but did you know that they are suitable even for the adults? It is wrongly believed that those who actually follow through with such a plan lack class and purchasing power, but this cannot be further from the truth.
The truth is you are the one on the losing end if you think that buying expensive fat, sugar or chemical filled meals is the definition of prestige. For starters, you are committing a large sum of money on a daily basis to what l dare say is an unworthy cause. Secondly, you are putting your health at risk by feeding your body what it actually doesn’t need.
The next time you see your co-worker pulling out their lunch from their bag, remember this:
• They are actually saving money by eating what they need instead of what they want
• They have a better chance of controlling the calories they take in because they took time to prepare the meal, so they understand exactly what is in it.
• By being intentional, they stand a better chance than you of getting the nutrients necessary for the functions of the body.
• By having healthy meals and bites, they are avoiding a myriad of lifestyle diseases like obesity, arthritis, diabetes and many more.
Remedying the situation
I totally get it, your schedule is crazy and lately you

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