Persuasive Essay On Healthy Food

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People all over the world have less or no access to Healthy Foods, and I feel if a rather large group of people could come together, they could supply healthy food to those in need, or at least the resources to make their own healthy food. Having just food in general is one thing, but having Healthy Food is key. Your body requires certain amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Without those things your body will not function properly and you will not get to live your life fully. Want to lose weight? Have you thought about eating healthier? All the nutrients, proteins, vitamins you consume via healthy foods help that if that’s something you worry about. I think schools need it more than anywhere because you see kids at school eating this junk that they either took or were given, and they don’t function in their classes as well. Ask any teacher this is proven. Now look at the kids in your class who eat healthy meaning eating a good breakfast, and a good dinner the previous night. All the vitamins, proteins, etc. can improve brain activity, eye vision, and all sorts of other key things in a classroom. Now if the parents don’t feed their children very well, then somebody should really step in and convince these parents to see what they’re feeding their children because it’s not good for them. However, there’s only so much someone else can do for someone else’s child. It is their kid. If you choose not to eat well, then that is your personal choice,

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