Persuasive Essay On Henrietta Lacks

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Have you ever wondered what scientists use to test diseases on? Scientists use the “immortal cells” of cancer victim Henrietta Lacks to test various diseases and infections. Science, a never ending quest of destruction and salvation, throughout history many historical figures such as Henrietta Lacks, Douglas Mawson, and Phineas Gage have sacrificed much to feed it’s endless hunger. Science is like a great and powerful king that shall never be slain, it forever saves it’s people but at the same time causing destruction among the enemy. Henrietta Lacks has had greater adversities in the course of contributions to science (feeding the beast) over Douglas Mawson, and Phineas Gage. The cliche phrase “Heroes never die” proves true for Henrietta Lacks, over Douglas Mawson, and Phineas Gage. The story of Gage, Mawson, and Lacks are all interesting topics, but the Lacks still faced the most adversity out of the three. Henrietta Lacks lost her life for science, faced great pain during her life, and a slow mental deterioration from knowing with almost all certainty that she would die. Meanwhile, Mawson led an arctic exploration, and somehow survived with his life. Gage had a horrible accident and somehow “fully” recovered from it. Lacks faced the most adversity due to some quite “unethical” actions from people around her and from nature itself, sometimes life just does not work out and that was true in Lack’s case. The most important fact that Lacks faced the most adversity over
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