Persuasive Essay On High School Cheerleading

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At the end of an 8th-grade year, the office called any girls wanting to try out for high school cheer. HIGH SCHOOL CHEER!! The next step of cheer, cheering at the football games, basketball games. I was excited to try out for high school cheerleading. Even cheering with upper classmen! The paper that was given to us had a bunch of words on it, it gave us choices like: “Just Football”, “Just Basketball”, “Football and Basketball”, and another one that said, “Competition, Football, and Basketball”. I thought to myself, “What was the competition cheer like?” No idea, but on the cheerleading Facebook page, there were new coaches. This was going to be their third year as a UHS high school cheer coach. They were also really pretty, and on the…show more content…
Right then I thought to myself, “does this mean I'm that good?!” But I didn't believe myself so I just went back to my spot and continued doing what the rest of the girls were doing. The next day was the tryouts, I was super nervous about them because they were going to be in front of the high school coaches, a bunch of other coaches and it was high school cheer tryouts.
Before we tried out, we were given a number so it would be easier for the coaches to choose the members of the squad. We were also put into groups to try out with. During the tryouts, you and your group could practice in the hallway. Then, a one at a time each group would go to the gym and try out in front of a bunch of coaches. I don’t know how they could pick girls to be on two to three different squads. That must be hard, but that next day was Friday and that’s when the results would be out. For high school, the coaches write your number on a paper so it would be anonymous to everyone else and tape onto the gym door. That night I was going to the lake house with my grandparents and my mom stayed home to wait to see if I made the squad.
I kept checking other people to see if the coaches posted the papers yet, but it felt like time was going so slow and I was anxious to see if I was a member of the squad. As soon as they coach posted the paper, my mom sped to the high school. Walked up to the door, and there it was in the papers, my number, but wait a minute. My number was up for

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