Persuasive Essay On High School Games

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It is obvious that this game was out of control before this fight broke out. According to Murphy, (2013) the two teams combined for a total of 20 penalties. I am not sure how many of these were personal fouls or unsportsmanlike penalties but based on the postgame fight it seems that the coaches and referees struggled to maintain control of the game.
The two teams remained separate after the game instead of shaking hands. It is custom in high school football, and football at all levels, to shake the hand of your opponent. In the video, it is obvious that the teams were told not to shake hands. Instead, the white team stands on the logo in the middle of the field. The black team is heading toward the locker room when the fight breaks out.
Finally, the presence of police on the field suggests that tensions were high by the end of the game. There are often police at high school football games but there were at least six officers on the field. Maybe high school games have a higher police presence than I am used to in Illinois, but the number of uniformed officers on the field suggests that this wasn’t the first time that a football game between these two teams escalated beyond normal physical football.
An athletic director would have a lot to sort out after an altercation like this. Besides the two coaches fighting, there are many situations that need to be addressed in the video. First, a player from the white team spears a player from the black team. This happens just above the

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