Persuasive Essay On Homeless

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Homelessness has always been an ever-present problem that seems to bring people together in hopes to make the world the better place. They say if we just pour enough money, enough homes, enough education into this failing system of citizens then somehow it will resurrect itself. As much as everyone would love to have a home, this idea, this mindset people have developed over decades has skewed the right incentives to fix this ever-growing problem. The faster we learn to address homelessness in the right manner, the faster the problem will fix itself. So to begin, the bottom line fact is that no resources should be poured into homelessness. So how do we go around this problem the right way? No resources? Wouldn’t that hurt the cause more than help it? No. This can be addressed in three distinct ways: Why do we this, how do we do this, and what does it attract? Homelessness results from two situations: economics, and social mindsets. It can be said that there are times where the economy is bad and many people lose their jobs via lose their homes. During these times, it can be hard to make a living or even squeak by a mortgage or rent payment. A prime example of this can be seen during the Great Depression. Due to the stock crash, many people lost their jobs and the average family income dropped over 40% from 2,300$ to 1,500$ (Alessandra and Heather, 2017). Right when this occurred, over 2 million people became homeless. So I understand that homelessness can’t be helped

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