Persuasive Essay On Homework

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Homework Giving homework is controversial in the world today. Many people think it is unnecessary to give homework, while other people think it is necessary. A lot of it also depends on the students that are getting the homework. Homework has many effects on students in all places and all grade levels, some good and some bad. Pressure and Stress From Homework Giving too much homework puts lots of pressure on students, causing stress. Homework should not pressure and stress out students as much as it does. First, homework puts a lot of pressure on students, not just high school students, but elementary and middle school students (“Is Homework a Good Idea” 5). Most of them are either afraid that their teacher or parents will be angry with them, they won’t get into a class they want, or they won’t get into the college they want if they don’t get a good grade. While trying to get a good grade, students feel pressure being put on them by their family, teachers, and even colleges to get the good grades. From all this pressure students get stressed and giving them extra homework does not help (Wilde 2). Not only do they have the homework to worry about now, but they have their extracurricular and family activities to worry about. Homework doesn’t just put pressure on students, it also interrupts their after school activities. Homework interrupting other activities Many students have after school activities, or want spend time with their families. None of this is possible when

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