Persuasive Essay On Homework

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Homework: To Give or Not to Give? Homework, a single word that carries differing opinions amongst varied individuals. With the debate of homework at the forefront of many schools and classroom teachers, there are two positions to consider. Before taking a side and conducting research, we began by simply looking at what the word homework means. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines homework as, “an assignment given to a student to be completed outside the regular class period” (2017). The concept of homework is one that has been recently highly debated. With every school’s ‘hot topic’ there are pros and cons to be discovered. Looking at the topic of homework, the list seems to grow exponentially as our world rapidly changes. The driving force behind homework is to reinforce taught concepts from classroom instruction. Homework provides students opportunity to practice targeted skills without taking up valuable classroom instructional time. Students benefit from the routine homework establishes and the responsibility it promotes in children at a young age. This helps develop essential practices in turn setting them up to become lifelong learners. Beyond the academic opportunity homework provides, it additionally encourages positive long-lasting lessons for future success in life. Homework supports students to develop responsibility through managing materials, prioritizing tasks, and balancing time management of assignments. Homework provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between home and school. It is a means of communication. Students are able to engage their family members in current classroom content, often leaning on parents for assistance to complete homework in the younger grades. According to V. Tam and R. Chan, it is important to “consider the home-school communication role of homework which includes designing assignments that explicitly involve parents, as in parent-child projects” (2016, p. 40). Through this, homework can help increase the opportunity for high quality family time opening up the doors for collaboration amongst family members and further enhancing the home school bond. Beyond the positive effects homework has on students, it also provides insight for teachers.

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