Persuasive Essay On Horse Slaughter

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Horse slaughter has a wide history starting as early as 1915 when the first bill was passed to prevent the inhumane slaughter of horses and donkeys for human consumption among many others to soon arise. The slaughter industry itself has always been secretive and tries its best to avoid public attention as it is a very controversial practice. For many years people of the UNited states have polled and voted to ban the slaughter of horses in the united states .It has been concluded that 70% of Americans oppose horse slaughter and do not think horses are raised for food or any sort of consumption. Though, various people do not know that horse slaughter is even conducted . Up to 79% percent of texas polled to be unaware of these acts in their own states even though Texas houses two of the last three slaughter houses in the United States .Many horses that enter the slaughter houses have been found to be in excellent condition and ranging from 8 to 15 years of age .Overall, since the USDA started recording horse killings in 1985, a total of 3,355,000 horses, ranging from racetrack Thoroughbreds to the nearly extinct wild horse, have been slaughtered in the US alone. Nearly a million or more American horses have been exported for slaughter to Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately the situation today remains nearly unchanged with roughly 100,000 horses being transported to slaughter plants to be inhumanely killed in unspeakable conditions in canada and central america.Currently,
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