Persuasive Essay On How To Improve Education

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Education in the United States has always been a debatable topic, an issue that is constantly being discussed asking how can we improve the education system? A system that many believe is broken, a system that impacts students and teachers all around the country, however, it is a system that does not affect those who were fortunate enough to cause a drastic call for change. Overall, there are many issues and programs involving education, and if there were three that I would advocate for to improve teaching as a profession, it would be, improving the cultural diversity training, increasing teacher’s salaries, and adjusting the curriculum.
Cultural Diversity Training has always been a tough topic to tackle. The problem with today’s Cultural Diversity Training is that there is a lack of emphasis on it or any, to begin with. The Cultural Diversity Training consists of knowledge in knowing how to handle children with behavioral programs, coming from a poor or diverse backgrounds, or non-native English speakers and much more. These are essentials that I believe cannot be simply learned through a short-term class on diversity, but rather it needs to a necessity, something where teachers must feel comfortable or proven to the point where they believe they can teach when put in the situation. Within Chapter 7 of The Teacher Wars, there was a point where most teachers in “Ocean-Hill-Brownsville and low income schools across the country” had received no special training in how to
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