Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Terrorism

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Imagine it’s 2001 you are just taking a leisurely walk in Stonycreek. You hear the sounds of the city planes, cars, people, “ BOOM!”. You look across the street you see the twin towers and to planes. You start to run. Once you're far enough you watch them burn. Now everything is more loud. This is no ordinary walk in New York City.
I chose this topic for two reasons. For one it is something that happens a lot and it gets talked about a lot and it’s is being planned out every single day. This makes it good to look back on and be on top of. Two it is a very interesting topic to me. It is something that happens a lot and that means that there is more to learn about it. My driving question was how could we make peace or stop terrorism. This question is very simple yet puzzling to figure out. It would be hard to change the minds of all the terrorist groups. With all of the research I have gathered and thinking a lot about this topic I have figured that it would be hard to figure out a solution, although it could be done. Terrorism is when people do harmful and violent things things that are done for reasons such as religious, political, or ideological goals and or reasons. Terrorism is a worldwide problem that affects everyone whether you're in an attack or not. For example the attacks of 9/11 changed the life of all the people. 3,000 people were killed and more than 400 police officers and firefighters were injured or killed. This would be lost loved ones. If not then you
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