Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

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Imagine, for what feels like decades, you have been in and out of the hospital every other week whether it’s a new diagnosis, another treatment, or a possibly fatal surgery. This nightmare is a reality for hundreds of thousands of Americans living with leukemia, a very dangerous cancer of white blood cells or leukocytes that help fight infections. The only way to recover from leukemia is to receive chemotherapy to kill off the cancerous bone marrow using chemotherapy then the bone marrows stem cells are replaced with cells of matching donors. But bone marrow transplants like this can be impossible for people who have rare blood types or certain blood disorders. This problem is one of many that the use of cloning of human tissue and cells can treat. The extensive ban on human cloning across 46 influence countries ranging from Australia to Brazil needs to be reprimanded do to the fact that the cloning methods are safe and viable process, to enable families who previously could not have children to conceive, and to allow for the use of therapeutic stem cells to heal victims of catastrophe or even cure some blood diseases. Firstly, reproductive cloning is the creation of an exact copy of an animal or like the creation of an unnaturally fostered twin that did not come from the same embryo while therapeutic cloning is the creation of a cloned embryo that has no intention or ability to become a full animal, simply an accumulation of beneficial tissue. However, both

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