Persuasive Essay On Human Cloning

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ManThe man is the most advanced creature on earth with an impeccable mind capable of endless creativity. However, there are two significant things that, since the dawn of time, people have always desired to dominate: time and death. With the strong development of science, humanity has found an amazing solution to this puzzle: cloning, the “aggregate of genetically identical cells or organisms asexually produced by or from a single progenitor cell or organism.” (“Clone,” n.d.) Whether or not human beings should be cloned is a controversial issue around the world. In my opinion, the research on human cloning should be a priority because of its incredible benefits in advancing the process of human evolution, an opportunity mankind to restart…show more content…
Furthermore, human cloning is an opportunity for people to choose the most desirable genes for their generation; parents can decide the best traits for their children. The scientists can involve to choose the strongest genes between the parent for their child, and exclude the defective genes, hence, they are able to create a new healthy body without disease, and malformation. The second benefit of human cloning is an opportunity for mankind to restart their incomplete life. The amount of young people who die because of accident is increasing with the degradation of the environment, “more than 3 million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases each year. Approximately 1.5 million of these deaths are in children less than 5 years old.” (Philadelphia, 2014) It is the sorrowful loss for the victim's family and the world for they are the future of the world and should be protected by the government. Therefore, human cloning can be the best solution for the recreation of the dead person. With this technology, scientists can take the cells from the deceased people to clone him or her. For example,
A boy graduates from high school at age 18. He goes to a pool party to celebrate. He confuses the deep end and shallow end and dives head first into the pool, breaking his neck and becoming a quadriplegic. At age 19 he has his first urinary tract infection because of an indwelling urinary catheter and continues

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