Persuasive Essay On Human Evolution

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How did Humans evolve? Everybody in the world had asked this question to themselves and to others. It has always been a curious topic for people to about human creation especially when an individual is young. Some tends to ask parent and nowadays some tents to go on google and search it. But the results for the answers are different in different cases. Like if an individual would ask a religious parents about creation of humans, they would get more biblical answer that are related to god [Intelligent Design]. Or an individual could ask this question to a teacher and the answer would be scientific which has theory and experiments and scientific discoveries [Darwinism]. Or the young individual can be a kid and ask to his/her friend and get some childish imaginary story. Out of all of this concept about evolution of humans the legal known concept Darwinism. It is taught in all the publicly funded school because it has non-biased scientific support compared to other concepts. But predictably the people believing in the other theory like the Intelligent Design also known as I.D. would want publicly funded schools to teach I.D. too with Darwinism upon that some people wants to replace Darwinism with I.D. in Public schools. The public schools should teach Darwinism because it is scientifically supported by theories and experiments in spite of the flaws in the theory.
The scientific answer for the human evolution is “Darwinism.” It is a theory of biological evolution developed by
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