Persuasive Essay On Human Trafficking

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If we could point to an example and definitively declare that abolishment would end all human trafficking (related to sex) it might matter less than deciding on the righteousness of the anti-prostitution rhetoric. However, comparing different countries with different policies shows that criminalized or otherwise, prostitution, as a focus doesn’t address every part of human trafficking. The US has legal prostitution in the state of Nevada only. In Europe, Germany has legal prostitution and in Sweden, the law focuses on punishing the procurer of a prostitute. Each of these countries has a different approach to address prostitution and each country still has problems with human trafficking. In an article published on February 5, 2017 titled “Human Trafficking Increased in 2016, Organization Reports,” 1,300 out of 7,500 cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline were reported by the state of California (Ali 2017). This was the overwhelming front-runner state to report cases of human trafficking at nearly double the number of any other state (Ali 2017). Texas and Florida were the next two largest reporting states and despite the fact that 76% of reports involved some kind of sex trade, Ohio, New York and Georgia were the following largest reporting states (Ali 2017). Nevada, where prostitution is legal, didn’t even make it in the top 6 states, of reported human trafficking calls. Furthermore, the article reports that the majority of victims were “trafficked through
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