Persuasive Essay On Hunter Safety

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“Hunting and racing are a lot alike. Holding that steering wheel and holding that rifle both mean you better be responsible.”-Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt’s quote is saying like racing, hunting requires safety. Before the hunt can ever happen there are safety precautions that must be learned. Hunting safety is essential to protect not only the hunter but also the community. People fall victim to hunting accidents every year due to not practicing proper firearm or hunting blind safety. Hunter safety courses have been adopted by all states as a way of teaching novice and veteran hunters how to be responsible and safe sportsman. Hunter safety class are required in all states to hunt. Some states do not require this class if you are born before a certain date. Other states only require the class only has to be taken if you are between a certain age ( unit 1). One of the many topic learned in hunter safety courses is the use the weapon. A firearm is one of the weapons that may be used when hunting. A firearm utilizes pressure produced from the burning of gunpowder to create gas. The pressure produced from the burning powder propels a projectile out of the barrel at a target. In rifles and most handguns the barrel has rifling on the inside of the barrel to make the projectile spin to travel better in the air. Rifling are groove that spin as they go through the inside of the barrel. Shotgun barrels are smooth and can fire “slugs”, a single projectile, or “shot”,

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