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Hunting is what humans do daily in order to survive and it also keeps nature sustainable. But overhunting can hurt this balance and cause a chain of negative reactions that affect the entire planet. This has been an ongoing debate on whether hunting is sustainable or hurtful towards the environment. One can compare Aldo Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain” and Rick Bass’ “Why I Hunt” to determine if hunting today is a safe practice. Aldo Leopold describes hunting as something dark and terrible. He describes it this way because he witnessed something within the wolf and that changed his mind about hunting. While Rick Bass opposes the idea. He believes hunting is a good thing for humans because it benefits the mind.
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Thinking like a mountain is not just worrying about the population of animals. It is about worrying about the existence of all the things, so that future generations can still take advantage of these resources. One place that has done an extraordinary job of maintaining the existence of several population of animals is the Yaak Valley.
Yaak Valley is home to several predators and prey more than any other in North America. This was achieved because nature took its course of sustainability. In the wild there always needs to be a predator and prey. Yaak Valley displays how vital it is and how natural it is for animals to hunt. Rick Bass, in Why I Hunt, says, “In the Yaak, everything is in motion, either seeking its quarry, or seeking to avoid becoming quarry” (338). Hunting helps strengthen each animal’s instincts thus making it sustainable. However, the way we perceive hunting affects our decisions if we should have it.
Leopold debates that we should not hunt because we often do not understand how the prey feels. He uses the word perceive to illustrate what he means. If one looks up the definition of perceive it is to realize. Leopold says that hunters fail to realize that by hunting they are not only hurting the animal but the ecosystem. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. This quote is something Leopold would agree with because he believes that humans are not doing so. For example,

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