Persuasive Essay On Illegal Abortion

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“One woman dies every seven minutes around the world due to an unsafe illegal abortion” ( Women all over the world have used abortion as an alternative to having the baby in every known society, in any point in history, regardless of its legality. The reason and decision to have an abortion is never easy. Pro-Life advocates may argue that a fetus can feel pain and it is inhumane. In reality, a newly fertilized embryo cannot physically feel pain up until at least 14 weeks. People claim there are other options including adoption. But in reality, we already have enough unwanted children in this world so why bring in thousands of more children as a result of abortions being illegal? And the what about the care for the mother?…show more content…
What a pro-life advocate would argue the fact the embryo can hear, cry, feel fear, feel pain, and have a conscious thought. Realistically, none of these things are remotely accurate when talking about an early stage embryo. According to the Mayo Clinic, “the earliest an unborn child could conceivably hear anything would be sixteen weeks post-fertilization.” In a 2005 article published by the British Medical Journal, the article documents for the first time a fetus cries in the womb. They suggest that “fetal crying is possible at twenty weeks post-fertilization”. The biggest debate is on when embryos can feel pain. Research done by Christopher Bowen, has come to the conclusion that, “It’s my opinion that once the thalamus has been formed, at 10 weeks post-fertilization, this marks the earliest that the fetus has the capability to consciously perceive pain at least on some primal level, and can definitely feel pain by 14 weeks post-fertilization.” By the time the mother finds out she is pregnant, she has plenty of time to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy before the fetus has any conception of pain.
One approach to eliminating the need for abortion and satisfy both pro-choice and pro-life advocates, is to introduce more extensive sex education courses and make contraceptives more widely available. Contraception and sex education is such widely used in Western Europe that their rates of unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, and abortion are much lower
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