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Imagine traveling to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland, with your family. While you are there a person that has not been vaccinated is walking around with the measles virus in their system. While that person shows no signs or symptoms of the measles, they are infecting others that haven’t been vaccinated, due to young age or other purposes. Now what turned out to be many people’s family vacations is now a life-threatening situation for some. This type of outbreak actually occurred during December of 2014, where 40 Californians were exposed to the measles at Disneyland and 91 additional cases of the outbreak strain also occurred from the people exposed affecting others (Blumberg et al, 2015). Outbreaks likes this can potentially be…show more content…
This poses the question that if vaccinations can protect a child from a major illness why are parents choosing not to vaccinate their children? In the past couple of years controversy over immunizations has become a large debate in society. Many parents have come to the belief that if their child is given vaccinations their chance of getting autism spectrum disorder increases; therefore they choose not to vaccinate their child. However, evidence has show that vaccines have no correlation with autism spectrum disorder. A meta-analysis conducted of five cohort and five case studies found no evidence for the link between vaccinations and the subsequent risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (Taylor, Swerdfeger, & Eslick, 2014). The cohort study consisted of 1,256,407 children and the case studies consisted of a total of 9,920 children (Taylor, Swerdfeger, & Eslick, 2014). Though it’s natural for a parent to worry and want to protect their child from something harmful, scientific studies have show that no correlation is present with vaccinations and autism spectrum disorder. Childhood immunizations are extremely important to promote with expectant parents because it’s their vital decision to get their child vaccinated or not. Expectant parents need to be educated by health care workers about immunizations in order to completely understand how important they are for their newborn child’s health. Immunization accounts for

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