Persuasive Essay On Keeping Exotic Pets

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Persuasive Essay Have you ever seen exotic animals such as lions or tigers, and wondered what it would be like to own them? Ever wonder if regular people like you and I could have them as “pets?” While some think keeping exotic animals is perfectly acceptable, others like myself strongly disagree. Keeping exotic animals in regular households should not be accepted by modern day society because it is wrong putting those types of wild animals in an environment where they are not supposed to be. They can also be very violent and unpredictable. Therefore it would be much safer for them to be out in the wild where they belong. Exotic animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, and etc. should not be kept as pets. According to,…show more content…
In my opinion, it’s abusive to a wild animal by keeping it. I decided to look up why people keep these types of animals in their households. On, the biggest argument they could give was “...because think about it would you try to break into someone's house if they own a 300 lb bear or a jungle cat that is born knowing how to stalk and kill? No you wouldn't. “ While that may be true, it’s completely selfish to put an animal in a small controlled environment when they should be in the wild. They deserve to live where they are intended to live, not in someone's home just to be a “guard.” There are guns and weapons intended to protect you, you do not need an exotic animal to keep someone from harming you. It is best to buy a gun, mace, house alarm and or learn martial arts. In researching this topic really hope from reading this essay you have a whole new perspective on having wild animals as “pets.” They can harm you in a way that cannot be fixed, make you fatally sick, and get you in trouble with the law as well. Also, it is flat out abusive to keep them as a pet or a body guard figure in the household. Exotic animals have a natural instinct to hunt and kill, just because you are emotionally attached to them does not exclude you from being prey. Trust me, you do not want to end up like Charla Nash. Sometimes your “guard” can be the one that you actually need to be guarded
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