Persuasive Essay On Kennel

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If you’re like most dog or cat owners, you do whatever you can to make sure your pet is well cared for, whether that means regular trips to the vet, plenty of head scratches, or making sure they get delicious, healthy food. While you’re away, the team at kennel and pet care center, Hickman Creek Kennel, will ensure that your pet is in the best hands. They know that your dog or cat is not just a pet, but a true member of your family. One thing the Nicholasville, KY-based pet boarding pros will tell you is that the choice of kennel is one that’s not to be taken lightly.

When deciding on a place to board your pets while you’re away, it’s essential that you choose a facility that’s truly reputable. Here’s what to look for:

Pet Safety: Most important in a kennel is that the animals are cared for in a safe, monitored environment. You’ll want to ensure that fire prevention measures and standards for vaccinations are in place. The latter is particularly important, as disease can easily spread.
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This might include adherence to vet’s orders, ensuring the proper amount of walks and outdoor time, and serving food that they like to eat. No two animals are alike, so they shouldn’t be treated that way.
Fabulous Facilities: Reputable kennel facilities need to be clean and in good condition. Make sure that there is ample outdoor space for dogs to run in and that cats have comfortable spaces to sleep and hide in. What this kennel should not be is overcrowded and lacking in roaming
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