Persuasive Essay On Land Preservation

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The Revolutionary War was fought in countless places, many of which are still being preserved today. This preservation has become an issue in Princeton, N.J. where the Battle of Princeton took place on January 3rd, 1777. The university wants to build on the land where General George Washington made his climactic counter strike. Is preserving the land truly honoring it? Over the past few years the school has been facing issues with the increase in faculty housing prices, “In recent years, as housing prices in Princeton have soared, some faculty members have been forced to live far from campus, “ Lisa W. Foderaro says in The New York Times. There have been plans to build a series of faculty houses, but the plan has been revised countless times…show more content…
“Unless you want to tear down a third of Princeton University’s buildings, where the battle also took place,” says Theodore J. Crackel, a military historian. Not to mention that the battle took place across the entire town, Professor Peterson says this, “The shooting actually takes place for several miles west of town and through the center of town, where Princeton University is today.” The original plan was to built 15 houses, each of them on an acre of land. Yet, the plan was revised again and again until it was decided that eight attached townhouses and seven homes, in total taking up seven acres of land. This plan was made in an attempt to preserve more of the battleground. The new design also incorporates a buffer between the housing and the battlefield’s park, this protects the land from future destruction. Still, opponents are trying to find anyway to stop the project from development. They’re looking towards wetland infringes and The Clean Water Act to stop the plan from becoming a reality, despite the Princeton’s planning board, the state Department of Environmental Protection, and the Delaware and Raritan Canal Commissions already approving the
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