Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of Marijuana is a very controversial topic and many people have differing opinions. I’ve asked three people three questions. The first person I asked is a Vice Principal on the Navajo indian reservation, he is the supervisor of enforcing the disciplinary action at his high school. The second person that I asked grew up in the 1970’s and the bohemian culture, when smoking marijuana was a popular and common thing. He was a surveyor for cedar city for forty years when he retired in the last year. The third person I asked was a college attendee and was born in 1993 and would be classified as a millennial in today's world. She’s from Fairplay Colorado, attends Fort Lewis College, and is a Studio art major. I asked each of these people three questions. Question one was: What do you think of the legalization of cannabis in colorado? The second question: What are your experiences with marijuana? Third question: Is legalizing marijuana, in your opinion a good thing? With a little debate and more follow up questions these people made their opinions clear. The first interviewee is the vice principal at a 6th-12th grade school in Utah and being so near to the colorado border, a mass of marijuana is confiscated by him every week. This man sees the real world outside of the legalized state's and sees where the illegal weed comes from. He gets to see firsthand of the effects of cannabis on teenagers. In response to question number one he said “It will draw people of
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