Persuasive Essay On Life With Adhd

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June 1, 2016 could have been the last day of my 22-year-old son’s life. It was on that night that heroin almost had her way with him. If it hadn’t been for his younger brother finding him on the bathroom floor, blue and unresponsive with a syringe by his side, acting quickly to administer CPR; he’d be dead. That night, the Sheriff’s Deputy arrived quickly. He pulled in the driveway, put his car in park (not even turning it off) and sprinted across the yard of my Father’s house with Narcan in his hand. Luckily by the time he arrived my son was responsive and didn’t need Narcan. My son is one of the lucky ones. He was given another chance at life, that’s something so many living with Heroin Use Disorder don’t get. Currently, the United States is seeing the worst drug crisis in American History. But, we must ask the question why? I watched him go downhill for years. After his grandmother passed away, he changed. He was never the same again and suffered with severe anxiety and depression. We dealt with ADHD, acting out in school, suspensions for numerous reasons and eventually he dropped out at the age of 16 and earned his GED. We tried counselors and psychiatrists but he wasn’t a willing participant. I knew he had some mental issues, but there’s not much you can do without cooperation. He started experimenting with marijuana and alcohol, he moved to Xanax, eventually pain pills and that’s how he ended up snorting and then finally injecting heroin. In between
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