Persuasive Essay On Littering

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Wherever one goes, “it” is everywhere. “It” is on the sidewalk, on the road, in the sea, and sometimes, “it” is in the wind. This “it” is trash that people have thrown into the environment. In the article entitled “Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year” by Laura Parker of National Geographic, she talks about the increase of litter thrown into the ocean every year. There is also oceanologist Captain Charles Moore, with his video “Sea of Plastic” which talks about the plastic litter that is thrown into the ocean and how this plastic litter causes marine life to suffer. Also, the article by Nathan Green is known as “The Environment vs Cigarettes” talks about how cigarette butts are the biggest littered object in the world…show more content…
Another marine animal that is suffering from litter in the ocean is Mae West, a turtle that is still alive, with a retainer ring around its body, but for most turtle, this would kill them. Furthermore, after taking some plankton samples, Moore found out that the sample contains more plastic than plankton (Moore). What this means is that the fishes at the base of the food chain were eating more than just plankton. To further support this in the video, Moore stated, “We did hundreds of necropsies, and over a third had polluted plastic fragments in their stomachs” (Moore). These are some of the thousand examples shown on how destructive littering has become towards animals that depend on the ocean by causing them harm and suffering. Since the founding of cigarettes, they have become popular due to their addictiveness; however, after a person finishes smoking, they will most likely litter the cigarette butt (need evidence). Little do they know, cigarette butts are also a cause of destroying the environment, because of the toxins they contain. The fact that they’re popular make cigarette butts are the most littered object in the entire world (Green). In his article, Green stated that “Not only do these parts of cigarettes look bad, they also have the ability to harm plants, animals, and even groundwater” (Green). What this quote means is that
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