Persuasive Essay On Little Boy

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War World two had been going on for six years, it had started when German had invaded Poland in 1939. During the summer of 1945 War World Two would be going on across several different continents. Japan wanted to fight until they won. The United States had warned Japan if they surrender they wouldn’t attack, but Japan refused to do so. On August 6th 1945, President Harry Truman had launch an Atomic Bomb nickname ‘’ Little Boy’’; On a Japanese city called Hiroshima. Even though Hiroshima was really never part of the war. Hiroshima had a part, the city of Hiroshima was a major manufacturing and military center for the war. There were also 40,000 military personnel stationed there during that summer. In the early morning on August 6th 1945…show more content…
‘’Little Boy’’ would be release from Enola Gay, about 1,900 feet ‘’ Little Boy’’ would be dropped onto the city at eight fifteen in the morning. Once the Atomic bomb had dropped onto the city of Hiroshima a Mushroom cloud was formed. Anything within 6,500 feet of radius was either killed or seriously injured ( ‘’Little Boy’’ had destroyed the entire city and killed 100,000 people in a split second. United States president Harry Truman though that dropping the Atomic Bomb would have had Emperor Hirohito surrender, but he didn’t. Since Emperor Hirohito did not surrender president Truman had dropped another atomic bomb. Three days later on August 9th, 1945. Truman had dropped another Bomb named ‘’Fat Man’ a more powerful atomic bomb than ‘’ Little Boy’’ on another Japanese City called Nagasaki. Nagasaki was a large seaport that which was home to Mitsubishi Steel and Arm Works, and was known for their shipbuilding’s ( Present Harry Truman had launch the B-29 plane and dropped ‘’Fat Man’’ over the city of Nagasaki at eleven o clock in the morning. Just like Hiroshima the atomic bomb would destroy half of the city and killing about 40,000, but Nagasaki valleys had saved them from the same aftermath of the Hiroshima (LifeScienc.Com). Nagasaki was not the
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