Persuasive Essay On Long Term Limits

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Sir, It is nice to hear from you. I can't run right now due to the hatch act since I am still in the US Army Reserves. Here is my stance on a couple of issues: The shape our country is in now it really pisses me off, (sorry about my language), Its a slap in the face of every soldier that deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan when we let ISIS or the Taliban overtake cities that our men have fallen in defense of. Another thing that is a big issue with me term limits I believe that they need to be limited to 4-year term limits and you should only be able to have two terms at each level. I also believe that you should not get a congressional retirement after only 5 years they should move the number up to at least 8 -12 years. Another thing is that congress shouldn't get paid unless…show more content…
We need to cut the budget severely in every way possible. Privatize more of the government let companies compete it will be cheaper and we would get a better product. Soldiers should get paid more and not have to be used.There's an old saying that if the military gets a raise then we are going to use them.Unemployment is terrible in this country I have a friend at home, I went to visit him on leave one time, dude went to the unemployment office in shorts and a hole filled t-shirt right before we went fishing. He said he had an interview. If people don't want to at least try to find a job don't pay'em. Lift the restrictions on the military and let anyone who wants to join, join this does two things: 1: gives people jobs, 2. makes our military better, 3. If they want to start a new life and get back on track the military is great for that. FORBID THE DRAFT as a former NCO I don't want a soldier that doesn't want to be there. If you force someone in the military they will hate it and will be a sorry soldier. The number of Homeless Veterans is sickening we have to be able to do more for them. The VA needs to experiment with Medical Marijuana for PTSD, Pain, Cancer, and any other use they
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