Persuasive Essay On Male Circumcision

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The world is in a constant conflict in terms of defining a man with bodily features - what truly makes a man, a man? For years upon years, society has placed an emphasis on the process of circumcision, the removal of the foreskin or prepuce of the penis. Typically completed just after birth in the United States, this is amongst one of the most common surgical procedures completed with an average of one million newborn children receiving this procedure annually. Surely, a procedure as common as this must have some societal significance, which this paper aims to discover. What is the true meaning we put behind male circumcision? Are the religious and ethical reasons truly significant enough to reliably promote a medical procedure this significant? Why do we still perpetuate a culture surrounding the masculinity of circumcision? As stated earlier, circumcision remains to be one of the most commonly completed procedures around the world. The surgery is usually carried out in infancy after informing the parents of the procedure, any possible health complications, and various statistics regarding the benefits. Shortly after, newborn children are secured to an operating table and local anesthetic is applied to the genitalia. Then, the surgeon uses one of three common techniques to remove the foreskin and “recreate” the aesthetics of the head of the penis. This procedure doesn’t necessarily take place in the sanitary environment of an operating room, as the procedure is often done
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