Persuasive Essay On Marijuana In Sports

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People think that smoking pot will turn you into a couch potato with blood shot eyes munching down on a bag of chips the rest of your life. Is it surprising that top paid professional athletes use this drug on a regular basis as relief from pain and stress? Sports leagues hand out opioids like candy and athletes have been prescribed massive amounts to mask the excruciating pain they experience daily. Marijuana should be legalized in professional sports because it is safer than opioids, can enhance performance and provides physical and mental health benefits.
When comparing the safety of marijuana and opioid painkillers like so many professional athletes use, it is no contest. From the drug problems that plagued Ryan Leaf’s entire playing career dating back to college to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre’s stint in rehab, opioids have caused addiction and abuse by professional athletes (Thiersch 5). The abuse often leads to overdosing on the pain killers. Marijuana would help decrease the number of opioid users and in result, decrease the number of those who die from overdose. In 2010, over 16,000 people died due to overdosing on painkillers (Freeman 38). However, there are no deaths reported annually from marijuana usage. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to overdose (Wing 4).
Professional athletes are also realizing that marijuana may actually help performance in certain sports.

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